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Rudely Interrupted – Documentary on SALE NOW!

DOWNLOAD our AFI Nominated, self titled ROCK documentary 'RUDELY INTERRUPTED'


A rock-documentary with a difference... RUDELY INTERRUPTED follows a band of disabled individuals on their first world tour. As well as the usual challenges of touring, this band has to contend with aspergers, down syndrome, blindness and deafness. But this doesn't stop them from rocking out. The documentary of the same name follows Rudely Interrupted from the pub stages of Melbourne, to the UN in New York, Canada and UK.
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Rudely Interrupted Northcote Social Club Sunday December 3rd 2017 Matinee Show

Rudely Interrupted launch their brand spanking new record ‘Love You Till I Die’. Sunday December 3rd Northcote Social Club Matinee doors 1:30pm - 4:30pm plus special guests..

The band have recently returned from touring Europe on their 14th international tour promoting ‘Love You Till I Die’. Taking their entertainment explosion to. Germany, Sweden, Poland.

Lead single ‘Love You Till I Die’ was nominated for the most prestigious emerging artists music prize in Australia, the Melbourne Music Prize. The 7 track mini album is available now for Pre-worldwide and official release date Dec 1st 2017.

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‘Love You Till I Die’ Available TODAY!

❤️YAY!!!! Available today! 'Love You Till I Die' ❤️

I think I almost did die producing this record, but we are all super proud of it! Pre-Sale available today! We are calling on our worldwide army of fans to Pre-Order 'Love You Till I Die' iTunes, Google Play etc. Order it, share the shit out of it, we can make the charts with YOUR help! We've done it before!

The real story behind the initial release plan involved invitations to perform in Austria alongside U2, Stevie Wonder and Katy Perry. I kid you not! Sadly for them, this never eventuated. The book I'm writing tells all, and it's probably the most gut wrenching thrill ride in the history of thrill rides.

Congratulations Rory, Josh and Sam, Love You All Till We Die folks. Official release day Dec 1st 2017 😍😍

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Rudely Interrupted – ‘Love You Till I Die’ Pre-Sale

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Rudely Interrupted – Love You Till I Die

Love You Till I Die Tour Oct 9 - 29

Rudely Interrupted are proud to announce our 14th international tour and our 5th studio record are ready to both rumble! With support from the Australian Arts Council, and Arts Access Australia we're heading off to Europe to promote 'Love You Till I Die', specifically Berlin, Sweden and Poland for a bunch of huge rock n roll showcases and general general craziness . Arts Access Australia have put together the Berlin Exchange Program, it's an incredible opportunity for us to Headline the Program in Berlin. AAA need your help to help us and the 'cream of the crop' artists from Australia touring to Berlin.
  • The Australia-Berlin Arts Exchange is an international Arts and Disability festival that will showcase some of the best artists with disabilities from around the world from 9-20 October. Arts Access Australia is taking 8 artists to Germany for the festival. Find out more:
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Rudely Interrupted – Labour In Vain July 23rd 2017

Rudely Interrupted - Performing Live at the Labour In Vain Hotel Fitzroy as part of the Leaps and Bounds Festival 2017. Sunday July 23rd 5pm. We wanted to strip it back and let the music speak for itself, so the Labour In Vain is the perfect watering hole for Melbourne musicians, and we can't wait to smash out our set of power pop gems. Supporting the bands first time performance at the Labour is one of Melbourne's finest musicians Kit Warhurst. For more information see the tours page or click here
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Rudely Interrupted to play Babushka Bar Ballarat May 13th 8pm

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Rudely Interrupted Lived Large!

Brisbane, thank you Live Large Festival and CPL Brisbane for a fantastic event, what a great show!

Performing Live on stage in South Bank Brisbane

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Rudely Interrupted – Live Large Festival Brisbane April 15

Rudely Interrupted - Live Large Festival Brisbane April 15. Yes, the band are heading to Brisbane for the Easter long weekend, Live Large Festival, South Bank Brisbane April 15-16. The band are ready to smash out a few old favs a few new tunes for our forthcoming release. Rudely Interrupted are on the main stage at 7:30pm. More details click the links or see our tour dates.
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Josh Hogan – Zildjian endorsement 2017

Josh Hogan Rudely Interrupted drummer

Josh Hogan Zildjian website image

Congratulations to Rudely Interrupted drummer extraordinaire on your Zildjian endorsement. May you continue to grow and rock harder than ever matey. This is serious stuff and you deserve the privilege of becoming part of the Zildjian family.