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Rudely Interrupted - A pitch perfect indie/rock/love/pop entertainment explosion.

Rudely Interrupted One of Australia’s most uniqu­e independent rock acts, touring and releasing their brand of pitch perfect indie-rock anthems across the Globe since 2006

Rudely Interrupted enter their 11th year with a spanking new record ‘Love You Till I Die’. Expect a bunch of incredibly well crafted indie ear worms that will absolutely lift your spirits and connect you to the joy and hope Rudely Interrupted's music. Available for pre-release Sept 29th.

The unique rockers will be taking their entertainment explosion to Europe promoting their new release in October 2017 including, Germany, Sweden, Poland, and more being announced. The tour is supported by Arts Access Australia, the Australian Council of the Arts. October 9 – 29 2017 and back home touring in Australia for November – December.

'They're good songs, really good songs and we can't wait to get on the road in Europe". "We don’t give a stuff what you think about disability, cause our tunes aren’t disabled". "We' were born to rock n roll" Says Rory Burnside.

Fronted by Rory Burnside, Rudely Interrupted have carved out a worldwide profile with their music and passion for performance. In 2008 Rudely Interrupted were the first independent band to receive an invitation to perform at the United Nations in New York City. 2009 the band independently released their AFI nominated Documentary of the UN US, Canada & UK tour which premiered nationally in Australia on ABC TV 1 gaining the band a bigger audience and as a result Rohan was invited to appear on Australia’s much loved national ABC TV show Spicks & Specks’. 

In June 2010, an invitation to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC for the VCA Arts International Festival followed by a 14 date tour up the East Coast of Nth America, Canada and UK, selling out venues and including a live performance on the highest rating commercial TV program in Canada ‘Canada AM’

2011 – Rudely Interrupted teamed up with Scope and Leo Burnett to create a stunning film clip ‘Close My Eyes’ which won the Cannes Grand Prix for Good. And as a result was screened all over the world, and reaching top 20 in Luxemburg iTunes sales charts and repeated commercial TV in Europe and the UK.

July 2012 Rudely Interrupted released ‘Mystery Girl’ EP. The first single ‘No Goodbyes’ reached commercial airplay across Australia, toured to New Zealand, Germany, UK, as well as a 14 date, Australian East Coast tour in Nov/Dec 2012.

2013, the group were invited to and performed in China at the Hong Kong Jockey Club followed by a short tour to New Zealand. In 2014 released ‘I Am Alive’ performed live in Italy w/80 pc Alberto Pio Orchestra, then flew to LA for the Twenty Wonder celebrations at the Doll Factory LA for a 1100 strong audience, including some very famous folks.

After returning to Australia the band released their 4th studio project ‘I Am Alive’ and toured up the East Coast of Australia with performances in Lismore, Sydney and Melbourne. The single received a lot of coverage on Australian radio, Triple M Double J, 28th in the Traxx top 50 for 2015, CBS News, Yahoo Music, Italy iTunes. Rohan had an unfortunate accident in June 2015 and now lives with 14 titanium pins holding his foot together.

In 2016 Rory Burnside and Rudely Interrupted's 'Love You Till I Die' was nominated for the most prestigious music prize in Australia as emerging artists, the Melbourne Music Prize. A remarkable tip of the hat from our musical peers prior to release.

Rudely Interrupted is neither a novelty act nor a cover band but rather an inspiring and talented group of musicians that pump out uplifting pitch perfect indie-pop described by The Village Voice, “… as the real deal a Melbourne group with a taut impassioned sound somewhere between the Killers and Wire.”

Reviews: “Their music is some of the most energetic and genuine to emerge from the Australian rock ‘n’ roll underground in recent times.” – Time Out Magazine

“This Melbourne group – with a taut, impassioned sound somewhere between the Killers and Wire – happens to be the real deal.” – The Village Voice

“Rudely Interrupted manage to out-anthem The Killers.” – Toronto’s Eye Weekly

“If you’ve never heard them before expect some extremely well-crafted music by a bunch of guys who happen to have been saddled with a slightly wonky set of genes.” – VICE Magazine

“Rudely Interrupted would be nothing without the music.”– The London Times

Some past performances: “Laneway Festival” (Aus) United Nations NYC (USA), NXNE Music Festival (Canada) “Woodford Folk Festival” (QLD) VSA Arts Festival Kennedy Centre (DC) Canada AM, Ch 10, Asia TV (Singapore) Spikes Asia Awards, New Zealand, ‘Rock an der Wabe’ (Germany) UK Tour 2008, 2012, China, Hong Kong Jockey Club – Storchi Teatro, Italy, Doll Factory LA, USA

Discography – 2014 ‘I Am Alive’ single - I Am Alive EP – 2013 – ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ Cantonese – 2012 – Musical Comic Book App ’Rudely Active’ – Mystery Girl EP, No Goodbyes – Single 2010 – Tragedy of the Commons ’Close My Eyes’ – Single 2008 – Don’t Break My Heart EP 2007 Don’t Break My Heart – Single.


  1. […] Rudely Interrupted is band a little out of the ordinary and yet in this movie they come across just like any bunch of rockers. Five out of six members of the band share a range of both physical and intellectual disabilities, including blindness, deafness, Aspergers, autism and Down syndrome. They also share a strong common interest in self-expression through music which is beautifully captured in this movie following the band on their first international tour from Australia, to New York, Canada and the UK. […]