‘Love You Till I Die’ Available TODAY!

❤️YAY!!!! Available today! ‘Love You Till I Die’ ❤️

I think I almost did die producing this record, but we are all super proud of it! Pre-Sale available today! We are calling on our worldwide army of fans to Pre-Order ‘Love You Till I Die’ iTunes, Google Play etc. Order it, share the shit out of it, we can make the charts with YOUR help! We’ve done it before!

The real story behind the initial release plan involved invitations to perform in Austria alongside U2, Stevie Wonder and Katy Perry. I kid you not! Sadly for them, this never eventuated. The book I’m writing tells all, and it’s probably the most gut wrenching thrill ride in the history of thrill rides.

Congratulations Rory, Josh and Sam, Love You All Till We Die folks. Official release day Dec 1st 2017 😍😍


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