Sunday July 8th 2018 Northcote Social Club, get your tickets quick from this link or click the image below. It's going to be a fantastic day, special guests to be announced shortly. Calculus and Tea available now to stream, download, listen or to jump up n down to in your own lounge room.. Very special thanks to Young Henry's, please drink responsibly..
Rudely Interrupted NSC

Rudely Interrupted NSC

Rudely Interrupted NSC

Rudely Interrupted NSC

'Calculus & Tea' Rudely Interrupted's new single packs a punch of indie catchy goodness. The band are hitting the road Saturday June 16th The Gov, Sunday June 17th The Gov, Sunday June 24th The Community Cup Melbourne, July 8th Northcote Social Club, TICKETS HERE
Rudely Interrupted The Gov

Rudely Interrupted The Gov June 16 2018

  We had an absolute ball and fantastic show last Saturday at the Ability Fest, such a great day for music and inclusive community. Thanks to all involved we rocked!.  

Rudely Interrupted Ability Fest Live

  EXCITING NEWS!! For those staying in Melbourne for the summer, we're putting on a show at the Gaso Sat Jan 13th. Accessible All Areas is to let you live MUSIC lovers know of the inclusive and accessible toilets at the Gaso Hotel. Tickets from this link. Special guests TBA shortly..
Support Rudely Interrupted and purchase 'Love You Till I Die' today!

Rudely Interrupted launch their brand spanking new record ‘Love You Till I Die’.

Sunday December 3rd Northcote Social Club Matinee doors 1:30pm - 4:30pm plus special guests.. The band have recently returned from touring Europe on their 14th international tour promoting ‘Love You Till I Die’. Taking their entertainment explosion to. Germany, Sweden, Poland. Lead single ‘Love You Till I Die’ was nominated for the most prestigious emerging artists music prize in Australia, the Melbourne Music Prize. The 7 track mini album is available now for Pre-worldwide and official release date Dec 1st 2017.

❤️YAY!!!! Available today! 'Love You Till I Die' ❤️

I think I almost did die producing this record, but we are all super proud of it! Pre-Sale available today! We are calling on our worldwide army of fans to Pre-Order 'Love You Till I Die' iTunes, Google Play etc. Order it, share the shit out of it, we can make the charts with YOUR help! We've done it before!

The real story behind the initial release plan involved invitations to perform in Austria alongside U2, Stevie Wonder and Katy Perry. I kid you not! Sadly for them, this never eventuated. The book I'm writing tells all, and it's probably the most gut wrenching thrill ride in the history of thrill rides.

Congratulations Rory, Josh and Sam, Love You All Till We Die folks. Official release day Dec 1st 2017 😍😍

Rudely Interrupted - 'Love You Till I Die'

Pre-Sale Available Sept 29th

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Love You Till I Die Tour Oct 9 - 29

Rudely Interrupted are proud to announce our 14th international tour and our 5th studio record are ready to both rumble! With support from the Australian Arts Council, and Arts Access Australia we're heading off to Europe to promote 'Love You Till I Die', specifically Berlin, Sweden and Poland for a bunch of huge rock n roll showcases and general general craziness. Arts Access Australia have put together the Berlin Exchange Program, it's an incredible opportunity for us to Headline the Program in Berlin. AAA need your help to help us and the 'cream of the crop' artists from Australia touring to Berlin. The Australia-Berlin Arts Exchange is an international Arts and Disability festival that will showcase some of the best artists with disabilities from around the world from 9-20 October. Arts Access Australia is taking 8 artists to Germany for the festival. Find out more:

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New releases, showcases, gigs, including international performances coming to you in 2017!

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 Premiered in Australia Tonedeaf!

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 8.00.03 pm

Melbourne indie pop rockers, Rudely Interrupted have announced the release of their new single, I Am Alive and new EP of the same title due out today October 3.

In 2008, Rudely Interrupted became the first ever indie band to perform at the United Nations in NYC and have since become regulars on the global touring circuit, only recently returning from their thirteenth international tour which saw them perform with the eighty piece, Alberto Pio Orchestra in Italy and then over to the US to perform at the Twenty Wonder celebrations at the iconic Doll Factory in LA.


Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 7.53.30 pm

I AM ALIVE - Featured and premiered across the US during the last week!

Read a little here..

Australia's Rudely Interrupted is quickly becoming a budding music act. The band's power-pop songs are as energetic as they are catchy, and the group was recently invited to play at the U.N. and the Kennedy Center.

"The music video for 'I Am Alive' tells the story of the band's travels and tours around the globe, from airports to hotels, from the suitcases to the stage," Brooks told CBS News. "While our personal journey is full of life and love, there's also heartache and loss, but that's what it means to be alive. We should also celebrate the emotional roller coaster that is 'life' because that's what being 'ALIVE' is;


Available NOW for SALE on iTunes Rudely Interrupted have continued to make a name for themselves on the world stage for the past 8 years and now, their 4th studio project ‘I Am Alive’ is clearly a step above the average record, the production, the incredible recorded performances and the songwriting all come together.

On first listen you’ll be quickly taken for a journey where your worries will be left behind as you enter the incredible musical world of Rudely Interrupted.

The song themes cross paths through certain moments of the EP and are tangled in all the delicious melodies ready to be eaten. If there’s a message, the message is hope, the EP’s experience will certainly make you feel ALIVE because Rudely Interrupted have arrived!

30 second song plays

1. I Am Alive
2. Ran Over A Lizard
3. Code Red
4. Bernie Made Off
5. Falling In Love
6. Catch You When You Fall  


Airport Baggage

Produced by: Rudely Interrupted

Directed by: Mirranda Burton & Rudely Interrupted

Illustrated by: Mirranda Burton

Order it NOW on iTunes

‘I Am Alive’ follows the band as they travel and perform around the world, the film clip captures the true spirit of the bands live performance stadium sized action, it carries the audience on a visually stimulating ride across the skies and through the minds of Rudely Interrupted. Beautifully illustrated by Mirranda Burton and featuring illustrations by Sam Beke, directed by Mirranda Burton & Rudely Interrupted, this clip is nothing short of fantastic, 2D animations give the clip a natural south park correlation, with other iconic images seamlessly floating through the scenes, capturing your mind and heart for 2:24 all your worries will disappear.  



USA - LA 2014

Twenty Wonder, Rudely Interrupted performance June 28th 2014

Twenty Wonder, Rudely Interrupted performance June 28th 2014

Rudely Interrupted - USA

Twenty Wonder Celebrations Doll Factory LA USA 2014

We are extremely proud to announce we will participating in this year’s fifth annualTwentyWonder celebrations. This spectacular Echo Park carnival of the mind is happening on June 28th and will feature an epic roller derby bout, international rockers Rudely Interrupted, astounding scientists, masked Mexican wrestling, mind-blowing everything and much, much more! Basically it's massive and we are stoked to be performing! Tickets available here

If you've got friends in the USA, or LA forward this on.. Keep up to speed with the whereabouts of one of the worlds most unique rock acts, that's us, via social media links below. We'll have some great stories to tell no doubt so you won't want to miss the shenanigans from the rock n roll road! For all information and more amazing images from Italy.

  Australia_Council_master_horiz_col_logo This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.