Access New EP Project

Get access to the selection process of the new Rudely Interrupted EP

Help us choose the songs from our list of new demonstration works. It's a fun process so we thought we'd give our fans the opportunity to listen to all the demos and play a part in voting for the songs you like best and they'll be the songs we choose to mix, master and release.  

After we post the songs online at a secret link we will send you, you'll listen to the songs. After you've listened to the demos, and to help you all choose, we have a special breakdown of the songs recorded. Rory, Rohan and Josh sat down in the studio and discussed the songs as they played in the back ground, giving you a breakdown of all the songs.  

We feel it really helps tell the story of each song and Rory states some useful facts, key of the songs, the harmonies we chose. It's pretty funny sometimes, but an interesting way to get you to know the songs better and more personally.  

We'll have a promotion pack for those involved, we're offering a signed CD with your name on the credits as you've all actively taken part in the process of the music selection and that's worthy of a credit.  

We think it's a really unique way to go about making the record and so we decided to open it up to you too. The proceeds will help go towards the bands promotional budget for promoting the new record. There are limited spots available and as we're on a timeline we only have a narrow window to make this all happen. Of course it'll be a tonne of fun and somehow weird and funny I am sure AND only $50!  

  1. 1. We will ask you to listen to the demo links we send you.
  2. 2. Also listen to us explain the breakdown of the songs for a running commentary.
  3. 3. We will ask you to help us by listing your favourite songs 1 - 10
  4. 4. The top 5 songs will be mixed and mastered.
  5. 5. You will receive the signed CD when completed.
  6. 6. Your name printed in the credits.
  7. 7. The title of the EP will be the number 1 pick.