About The Band


‘The people who think we’re crazy are those that can’t hear the music’





Rory Burnside – Musician keys/vocals – Singer/Songwriter

Rory has his own facebook page offering up to date rail and road conditions, ‘Rory’s Rail & Road Reports’. He’d love the follow and ‘like’ as he sees it as his service for the community.. He’s made some suggestions to improve the rail networks coloured communications on the public noticeboards and they’ve taken on his suggestions and implemented the changes. A systems mind!

Rory Burnside was born in San Francisco USA May 2nd 1987 (8:30am) He was born without eyes and with a cleft lip and palette, he lives with Aspergers or Autism and epilepsy. His musical ability grew from his families musical heritage with both his parents active in the professional arts, dance & music.

Rory’s attention to sonic detail comes from his natural ability for recognising pitch, perfect pitch and or absolute pitch. Rory’s comfortable in the studio, his wealth of experience was due to his father and music producer, Jonathan Burnside’s professional music production business. Over the years Rory was able to perform on some of the many records his father and record producer Jonathan Burnside, including ‘Sleepy Jackson’.






Joshua Hogan – Musician Percussion

Joshs’ parents were told to leave him at birth and Josh’s life expectancy and quality was in question. Josh’s parents refused to give up on their first born son and now Josh enjoys an international professional music career and gardening career.

Josh had never played drums before joining Rudely Interrupted in 2006. “Josh literally sat behind the drum kit and co-ordinated a rock beat” “I was blown away” says Rohan, “right then I knew we could do something musical. Josh’s musicianship has grown 10 fold in the past 6 years. He’s cut his teeth on the road and boy has it paid off, you gotta come and see this guy play. It’s real, he’s turning into a great solid little drummer.





Sam Beke – Artist Performer & stage samples – beer drinker/borrower..

Sam’s 21st chromosome has the creative imagination and entertainment twist Rohan insists. Sam has successfully submitted his artwork into many exhibitions and continues to build a body of work from his life’s experience.

Sam has been performing with Rudely Interrupted since conception, sometimes trying his hand at bass and usually ending up on the floor in a non choreographed dance explosion, in his eyes Sam is the ‘Gene Simmons’ of Rudely Interrupted, he’s ultimate dream is to fly onto the stage through smoke, flames and lightning!

Sammy (Don’t call me that) Beke is the best guy to have around at any time of the day at any gig of the week at any moment in time, he’s a magician in many ways, he’s got capes and costumes, but the real magic is Sam!





Rohan Brooks – Musician Drummer/Guitars/Songwriter/Producer/booker – MANAGER

Rohan Brooks was born September 8th 1970 and has been a professional musician since 1991. Rohan has toured the world with some of the biggest bands of our time including, The Killers, JET, Morrissey, Tim Finn, The Vines, Presidents of the United States of America etc. When not touring Rohan worked as a carer in the disability sector, and in 2007 Rohan was awarded disability support worker of the year for his work with Rudely Interrupted and has developed and supported the groups future since he first founded the group in March 2006.

“These guys were like many thousands of budding young musicians living with disability, the intense musical therapy “rock n roll’ over the past almost 8 years has seen these guys grow beyond anybodies expectations and it goes to prove, with a little talent, hard work and the right support – Any body can achieve professional excellence. There’s a growing movement around the world for ‘outsider artists’ and  Rudely Interrupted are a leading force in what WILL become accepted as ‘normal’ a genre of it’s own perhaps, who knows and or cares about that. We are a rock band, we have no agenda, but to write THE BEST indie/rock/love/pop anthems we can.

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