AFI Nominated – A rock-documentary with a difference, Rudely Interrupted follows a band of disabled individuals on their first world tour. As well as the usual challenges of touring, this band has to contend with aspergers, down syndrome, blindness and deafness. But this doesn’t stop them from rocking out. The documentary of the same name follows Rudely Interrupted from the pub stages of Melbourne, to the UN in New York, Canada and the UK. 1.34 Gigabytes – Watch YouTube Trailer

Download Rudely Interrupted Music

2009 Tragedy Of The Commons


2014 Mystery Girl EP


2015 I Am Alive EP


2017 Love You Till I Die Mini Album


Calssic Album Series

Classic Album Series: Illustrations by Sam Beke

Kiss Destroyer

Hotter Than Hell

Kiss Dynasty

Power Age



Sam has some incredible artwork, many classic albums..  Devo, Freddie Mercury, Roxy Music, Prince, David Bowie, Black Sabbath, AC/DC. Sam’s exhibited his work internationally in Berlin and continues to grow his folio of works. Sam has developed a unique style and some truly amazing landscape illustrations are about to be available. Please get in touch if you feel inclined to find out more.


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