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Rudely Interrupted left – right: Josh Hogan, Rory Burnside, Rohan Brooks, Sam Beke


Directed by Clem Stamation and Guilia McGauran

Credits: Edited by Clem Stamation – 2nd Camera Gilda Jones

Makeup: Artemis Ionnades – Choreography Louella May Hogan – Clinton Guitar Tone

The incredibly colorful and visually honest new music video is super engaging. Co directed by Clem Stamation & Giulia McGauran and edited by Clem Stamation. ‘Love You Till I Die’ will no doubt find a new army of passionate fans for one of the most innovative groups of our time ‘Rudely Interrupted’.

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Rudely Interrupted are proud to announce their 5th studio project ‘Love You Till I Die’. Produced by Rudely Interrupted and mixed by Greg Wales (You Am I, The Cat Empire). With support from The Australian Arts Council ‘Love You Till I Die Tour’ will see the band tour to 4 countries and 9 cities over 2 months. Officially the new record was released worldwide Dec 1st.. Rudely Interrupted launched the new record at the Northcote Social Club December 3rd with special guest DJ Myf Warhurst

‘Love You Till I Die’ is available now to order from your favourite music service, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer, Spotify with the official release date Friday Dec 1st 2017.

“Rudely Interrupted rise from the Aussie underground with the red-hot track Love You Till I Die”As summer draws near and the silly season approaches at rapid speed, the search for the perfect song for making mischief has officially begun. Incorporating all the warm, fuzzy feels of being on holiday when your only responsibility becomes nursing a hangover is Rudely Interrupted’s love-struck new track Love You Till I Die.” –  happy Magazine

Lead single ‘Love You Till I Die’ was nominated for the most prestigious emerging artists music prize in Australia, the Melbourne Music Prize.

Rudely Interrupted stand out from their peers there’s no doubt, but “If you’ve never heard them before expect some extremely well crafted music by a bunch of guys who happen to have been saddled with a slightly wonky set of genes”, – VICE MAGAZINE

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