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A must see video, take the 2 mins to watch and you'll watch it all 24mins. Amazing! "Life flows on within you and without you..." George Harrison actually SAYS THAT!  About Roy Orbison. Stop everything.  Really.  Pull this movie up immediately.  Because it's gonna evaporate in a matter of hours.


One of the most energetic and genuine band’s to emerge from Australian rock ‘n’ roll in recent times, Rudely Interrupted have enthralled worldwide audiences with infectious indie pop since 2007. With a sound like The Killers having a Gary Numan party while eating pitch perfect cookies, The Rudies have captured the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere from New York to Toronto and London to Sydney. In their short but eventful career they’ve played alongside some of the biggest names on the indie pop scene including Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Feist, and been the subject of a critically acclaimed documentary film, Cannes winning film clip, Close My Eyes', top 20 hit, Luxembourg, 13 international tours, the list continues..

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