Rudely Interrupted – Love You Till I Die

Love You Till I Die Tour Oct 9 – 29

Rudely Interrupted are proud to announce our 14th international tour and our 5th studio record are ready to both rumble! With support from the Australian Arts Council, and Arts Access Australia we’re heading off to Europe to promote ‘Love You Till I Die’, specifically Berlin, Sweden and Poland for a bunch of huge rock n roll showcases and general general craziness .

Arts Access Australia have put together the Berlin Exchange Program, it’s an incredible opportunity for us to Headline the Program in Berlin. AAA need your help to help us and the ‘cream of the crop’ artists from Australia touring to Berlin.

  • The Australia-Berlin Arts Exchange is an international Arts and Disability festival that will showcase some of the best artists with disabilities from around the world from 9-20 October. Arts Access Australia is taking 8 artists to Germany for the festival. Find out more:

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